Thank You
“It is now over two weeks since I visited you and I have not taken any alcohol at all in that time, despite being at two dinner parties and lots of other occasions when I would normally have had a drink. More importantly, I have not felt the need for a drink, nor missed not having one! I really think the result will be permanent.

I want to thank you for your help In releasing my ability to make this happen.
Celia certainly changed me.”

Feel fitter
“Dear Celia I just wanted to say a big thank you, two years ago I came to you to stop smoking and I did it with your help ,and it continues to be a source of pleasure. That I stopped the habit I feel fitter at age 60 than ever before”

Lost 4 stone
“Thank you Celia I have lost 4 stone since I had the Gastric band with you and feel fantastic now.”

Saving money
“I was Smoking 30 cigarettes a day, my girlfriend was always complaining that all my clothes smelt. Now I am saving the money I would have spent towards getting our own place together, also my friends are following in my footsteps.”

Lost over 2 stone
“Thank you Celia I have lost 2 stone 2 lbs now, I have lost about 2 lb a week . I have given all my big clothes away to the charity shops, and have not touched any chocolate, cakes or biscuits. I have started a new job and I feel full of confidence, my friends cant believe it when they see me saying no to cakes. Thank you again I could not have done it without you, and I cannot believe how easy it has been.”

Stopped drinking
“Thank you Celia from the bottom of my heart my drinking has stopped and my marriage has been saved and I can think clearly, and see how I want my life to be from now on.”

Stopped gambling
“I feel so happy now I have stopped gambling completely I am paying back all my debts and my future is looking so much brighter.I feel so much better about my life.”

Thank you
Wow thank you I have just returned from my trip to America and enjoyed my flight I relaxed and it was the same on my return flight . I did not believe it was possible , thanks Celia I am no longer afraid of flying.”

Best thing ever
“You stopped me smoking and the session was so lovely and relaxing, its the best thing I have ever done, never ever want to smoke again.”

Really happy
“Thank you, I stopped smoking in one session with you 12 months ago and I feel fitter and richer, I have saved over £2.600.”

Thank you
“I just wanted to say thank you , I no longer have a fear of cats you did this in just one treatment.”

Panic attacks gone

Worth every penny
“I have now stopped over eating and rarely have chocolate and feel better about my health and people have noticed how well I look, and I have never had so many compliments.”

More confident
“I am so much more confident in work situations my colleges have noticed a big change in me and I see myself doing bigger thing in the future.”

Feel in control
“I used to get angry at the smallest thing, now I feel in control and happier with my self and see my life in a more positive way, and my relationship with my son has improved tremendously.”