Stop smoking with hypnotherapy in Brighouse within easy reach of Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds and Bradford

Have you tried to quit smoking time and time again without success? Hypnotherapy has been proven to be the most effective way to help smokers, even lifetime smokers. If you really want to stop smoking then one session could be all you need.

Stop Smoking using Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

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Ceila is highly qualified and has excellent results in helping many people to stop smoking

Smoking is something that every smoker had to learn, nobody enjoyed their first cigarette, the bodies natural defences made smoking such a poisonous gas an immensely uncomfortable experience. Once learned the body accepts the poisons, and craves more if they are withdrawn. The good news is that anything learned can be unlearned. Through hypnosis I can help smokers unlearn that dangerous and debilitating habit usually in one session.

Research comparing many different studies of hypnotherapy has shown that on average smokers are more liklely to break the habit with hypnosis than willpower alone. Hypnotherapy in general is also proven to be more than twice as effective compared to nicotine gum.

I have succesfully helped many people in the Huddersfield, Halifax, and Bradford area to stop smoking.

The Questions people ask about stop smoking

Q If Smoking is so dangerous how come 14 million people still smoke?
A Those people are addicted and don’t look at it the way none smokers do. They know its wrong but they can’t feel its wrong because the drug won’t let them.

Q What’s the point of stopping smoking if I am under 30?
A As you become older you become psychologically more dependent (but not more addicted). People don’t stop when they are young which is when they should do it, and then they want to when they are older when they can’t. So give it a try and decide once you have succeeded see if you really want to go back to tobacco.

Q What’s the point of stopping smoking when I am over 60?
A Smoking makes you unhealthy when you are young and strong poor health can be overcome but not so well when you are old.

Q How do I stop using cigarettes as rewards?
A A cigarette is a reward for not smoking .It is not a reward for finishing the Ironing.Check it out by smoking just before you finishing the Ironing

Q How does dependence reduce my motivation to stop smoking?
A When you are addicted to a drug, this produces fear of coming of the drug .This fear is the main element of psychological dependence and it is probably the most important psychological hold that tobacco has over its users.

Q What will I do after meals if I don’t smoke?
A The washing up!

Reasons to Stop Smoking with Hypnotherapy

You may have some specific reasons as to why you would like to stop smoking, our hypnotherapy program will work with your reasons and help you kick the habit once and for all.


Feel fitter
“Dear Celia I just wanted to say a big thank you, two years ago I came to you to stop smoking and I did it with your help ,and it continues to be a source of pleasure. That I stopped the habit I feel fitter at age 60 than ever before”

Saving money
“I was Smoking 30 cigarettes a day, my girlfriend was always complaining that all my clothes smelt. Now I am saving the money I would have spent towards getting our own place together, also my friends are following in my footsteps.”

Best thing ever
“You stopped me smoking and the session was so lovely and relaxing, its the best thing I have ever done, never ever want to smoke again.”

Really happy
“Thank you, I stopped smoking in one session with you 12 months ago and I feel fitter and richer, I have saved over £2.600.”

Stop Smoking Now – call 07983 204180 for a free consultation