Stop drinking with hypnotherapy in Brighouse within easy reach of Huddersfield, Halifax, Leeds and Bradford

Have you tried to stop or cut down alchohol consumption without success? Hypnotherapy is the easiest and quickest way to stop or control drinking alchohol. If you really want to stop drinking or just cut down I can help you break or change the habit.

Stop Drinking with Hypnotherapy Hypnosis

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I can help you stop or cut down alcohol consumption

Alcohol consumption often builds up over time becoming a habit hard to break with will power alone. Hypnotherapy (hypnosis) is a fully conscious deep relaxation where the mind is more able to take on positive suggestions thus making it easy to change habits and patterns.

Many people do not want to stop drinking altogether but would like to reduce their consumption to a health level. Hypnotherapy will get back in control so you may decide to give up altogether for a few months then or reduce down to an occasional social drink or only having alcohol at a weekend. Through hypnosis I can help you stop or control your drinking often in one session.

I have helped many people stop or control their drinking and it has been proven that hypnosis is much more effective than willpower alone so take control now!

Thank You
“It is now over two weeks since I visited you and I have not taken any alcohol at all in that time, despite being at two dinner parties and lots of other occasions when I would normally have had a drink. More importantly, I have not felt the need for a drink, nor missed not having one! I really think the result will be permanent.

I want to thank you for your help In releasing my ability to make this happen.
Celia certainly changed me.”

Stopped drinking
“Thank you Celia from the bottom of my heart my drinking has stopped and my marriage has been saved and I can think clearly, and see how I want my life to be from now on.”