Dartitus – A problem for Dart players. How can Hypnotherapy help?

Dartitus is a condition which is well known in the darts playing community.

Dartitus can manifest itself in many different ways; the main one seems to be that the player cannot release the dart at the end of the throwing action.

So can hypnosis help? There is a school of thought Dartitus is a psychological problem, and this seems to make sense as the players affected don’t usually have a physical problem with controlling their hand wrists and arms generally. The cause may well be stress or anxiety, and the problem with this is that it won’t get any better if the sufferer believes that it’s going to happen to him or her again. If this is the root cause, then Hypnotherapy certainly could help.

Other ways that Dartitus can manifest itself are:

  • A loss of confidence
  • A lack of concentration
  • A lock up at the back end, or during the backward motion in your throw
  • The release point of the dart is erratic, resulting in snatched and pulled darts
  • Unsteadiness as the dart is released, and a feeling that you will fall forward
  • Falling forward or stepping over the ochre when throwing
  • The backward motion stutters or is not smooth
  • Tension rising in your body that peaks as you throw

How I can help? By using Hypnotherapy and using powerful Neuro Linguistic programming NLP. I have helped many players overcome this problem, although there are no guarantees. You can contact me or call for a confidential free telephone consultation to discuss your problem with me.