Only weak minded people can be hypnotized

The truth is that anyone can be hypnotized. As a matter of fact each one of us is using hypnosis in some form every single day of our lives either consciously or unconsciously. We are experiencing some form of hypnotic trance each time we engage our emotions, each time our attention is focused upon our subjective experience

The goal of a hypnosis session is to successfully install a desired outcome deep into the subconscious mind from where it eventually becomes an automatic behavior without any further conscious effort. We disempowere ourselves when we choose limiting beliefs which reduce the number of options available towards reaching the desired outcome; and we empower ourselves when we open ourselves up to more options.

(The mind is like a parachute it only works when it is open)

Hypnotist has complete power of you when you are hypnotized

The hypnotherapist can only have as much power over you as you give them it’s always up to you whether you are having a session with a hypnotherapist listening to hypnosis recording or watching the news or reading a book whether you want to accept or reject the ideas or statements offered. All hypnosis is self hypnosis that’s why you are in control.

My role as a highly skilled and qualified Hypnotherapist in a therapeutic setting is to help you to establish communication with your subconscious mind in order to overcome your inner obstacles and reach your goals.

If you can hear the hypnotist, you were not hypnotized

This misconception has probably come about due to another common misconception which equates the state of hypnosis with sleep. A lot of people believe that when they are hypnotized they will not be aware of anything that is happening around them. Yet if you lost all connection with the hypnotist how could you follow instructions?

While the level of awareness of your surroundings may shift to some degree you will still be aware of me or my voice. The better you are able to play the game of let’s pretend and immerse yourself in you subjective reality (inner mind experiences) the less you will be aware of your surroundings in the way that you are used to. Thats why it is called altered reality, your awareness to me as the hypnotherapist may change and you may interpret me as someone else – perhaps a close friend.

But you will still be aware of my voice.

You can remain permanently stuck in hypnosis

No one ever got stuck, but some people enjoy the deep trance and relaxation so much that they want to stay longer in this wonderful state. Just imagine being in a state where your body feels so deeply relaxed that you may not need to pay any attention to it, and your mind is completely free of any stresses or strains associated with your daily life and are able to all your secret desires and see them come to life. Perhaps for the first time you are able to experience deep inner peace and total freedom. During this deeply relaxed state it releases an abundance or feel good hormones (endorphins ) you feel better than you have ever felt before.